Paul Counts Podcast

Paul Counts

Joining us for today’s session is Paul Counts, who describes himself as a father, an Internet entrepreneur, a movie producer, a speaker, a podcaster, and so much more.

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Bill Glazer Superman

Bill Glazer

Joining us for today’s session is Bill Glazer, a man who has been called one of the world’s most celebrated marketing strategist by his peers. Bill Glazer excels in so many areas. He’s a bestselling author of the Outrageous series of marketing books. He’s also co-written the Peak Performance series, he’s a keynote speaker, and an award-winning business growth strategist.

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Rob Cuesta

In this interview you will hear how Rob learned a very sobering lesson that almost cost him everything. He also tells us how setbacks can actually be a good thing in business, and why he thinks writing a book really can make a difference in your life.

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Willie Crawford

He is a true veteran of the internet marketing scene and someone who, if you don’t already know, you will soon want to. He’s been called one of the most genuine and most respected marketers in the world today. And in this session you’ll hear why he thinks it’s important to choose who you listen to, why you should have a loose plan, but also still be open to change and why age isn’t an issue. It’s my pleasure to welcome to the show Willie Crawford.

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