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Signature series

Marketing Automation

This is a great course to help you learn how to effectively use Marketing Automation in your business.

Three Modules:

  1. Overview of Automation Concepts and Tools
  2. Common Automation Workflows and Campaigns
  3. How to Build Your Own Workflow

Signature series

Paid Traffic

This is a great course to help you learn how to increase your sales by leveraging paid traffic methods. You will then effectively funnel Paid Traffic to your business.

Three Modules:

  1. Running Facebook Ad Campaigns
  2. Search Advertising Ad Campaigns on Google
  3. Create and Run Banner Ads

Signature series

Cold Calling

This is a great course to help you learn how to increase your sales by picking up the phone and effectively using Cold Calling in your business.

Three Modules:

  1. How-To Research Companies and Decision Makers
  2. Vital Cold Calling Scripting Strategies
  3. Hiring or Outsourcing For Your Cold Calling Operations



This high-production value course dives deep into what it takes to be a leader in today's workplace.

One Module:

  1. Emphasis is placed on developing current leaders as well as cultivating this trait in your workforce overall.


What they say

Marie Jones Selfie

Marie Jones 

Marketing Manager

"We had the need to update the digital skills within our Communications and Marketing Team and considered a range of options for doing this. These resources represented good value for money for us to train our whole team and the short, web-based modules gave the most flexibility to fit this in around everyone’s busy day jobs."

Tom Parker Selfie

TOM parker


"This site has a brilliant way of breaking down the complex – demystifying rapidly changing tools and trends – distilling information down to exactly what the end user needs to know, with insight into how to best utilize it.”